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BACKSTORY:  mother, and his friends mother died in a fire when he was a child. His father didn't want to know him and he grew up with Amy, a girl who toughened up through the loss of her parents where as Danny hated the world. He felt it owed him for taking away his mother. As a child he grew up with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. He looks for comfort, guidance and affection from girls since he had no mother figure to guide him.. Girls use him as a one night stand and leaves him he's distraught and can't understand why they do not want more, why he wasn't good enough so he seeks revenge on all girls, turning into a deep hatred.

Waking up, gently puffing on the newly lit cigarette Danny turned to his left with a smile as a body was laying sleeping quietly beside him. After having a final drag he placed the unfinished cigarette into the ashtray and turned to show some affection, slipping his arm around her unclothed body.  Caressing her brown locks running them softly through his hands a groan escaped her lips as she turned to face him her murky brown eyes beaming at him with a unsatisfied expression on her face. She removed his hands, catching her nails across the palm of his hand as she shot up, her eyes scanning the room focusing on her clothing. She got off the bed using the sheet to cover herself; walking around the room she began to pick up every item and place them on the bed fitting them together like a jigsaw puzzle as she started to dress. "We don't have to get up yet." Danny soothed feeling slightly unsettled and confused. "Last night was a mistake, Dan." She scoffed fixing her shirt making sure her appearance was acceptable. "Danny." He snapped shortly after. He stripped the second sheet from the bed that was earlier keeping them warm; he turned to face her, his frame of 6 ft toned frame towering over her 5'4 fragile body. "It was a mistake." she persisted walking across the room to pick up her handbag and then began to exit through the door. "Did I do something wrong?" He questioned her his mind starting to go into over drive as he searched for answers. It wasn't the first time a girl had slept with him and then left leaving him distraught building up an unseen fury which was becoming harder to control. "You can't just leave." Danny growled his eyes narrowing as a spark inside him began to show he watched as her hand was placed on the door handle ready to exit from his life as many had before. He threw his hand across hers pulling it as she screeched. "What are you doing? Move!" she demanded, a false confidence growing inside her which stemmed from fear. "Your not going anywhere till you tell me why you're leaving!" He barked this time thrusting his self towards her to stop her exit completely. With both her hands being held by his she struggled twisting and turning as he continued to hold his grip. Danny had never felt like this before, controlling or power over a woman. It didn't give him a thrill but a satisfaction that if he was in control they couldn't walk out and abandon him. He took this very personal. To the outside one night stands and drunken mistakes happened more often than not but Danny couldn't understand why, and why to him. He couldn't deal with being rejected, or alone. As Danny began to question again in his mind why another girl was committed to using and leaving him his grip loosened around her left wrist and she raised it high her silver charm bracelet scratching below his eye causing him to hiss and clutch his face with the other hand, as he released her hands she launched both hands attacking his face an knees trying to knock him to the ground so she could escape his clutches. As Danny fell to the floor and began protecting himself instead of fighting back she fled scampering through the house, outside into the daylight and his world began to crash around him once again.

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